In all Sincerity

December 15th 2017 at Tiger Strikes Asteroid and Monte Vista, Los Angeles. 

Lingering in the fuzziness between acts of neglect and acts of care, Abriel Gardner and Caitlin Abadir Mullally begin to see how actions are not solely one or the other.  In order to materialize what is means for neglect to be care and care to be neglect, Gardner and Abadir-Mullally use instruction, scores, and movement as a practice to understand the likeness between the two processes of neglect(ing) and care(ing)


In their collaborative piece titled “In all Sincerity,” Caitlin Abadir Mullally and Abriel Gardner actively understand the process of neglect through installation and performance. Through the form of dance scores, they explore the tension of representing something that can only be shown through contrast and negation. 

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