Mutation Scores


The mutation scores follow how the idea of a word, image and object changes as it is transferred through the filters of language, sound and human beings.

The score is divided into three stages, growing with maturity.

Each of the items relate to comfort through nostalgia, human interaction and familiarity.


Mutation Scores: Comfort

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During the process of interpretation and translation, I asked each contributor to define comfort.

Definitions of Comfort


  • Ask the Contributor to define “Comfort”

    • These serve as a profile or a catalog of the thought process of each of the contributors

  • Gather verbal descriptions of sound related to the object, word, image

    • “What does _____ sound like?

  • Present verbal description to a musician, ask the musician to react to the description

    • Play audio file then record improvisation

  • Present recorded improvisation to final group of people. Ask for final person to describe it through a word, drawing or physical item based on what item the music was derived from.

    • “Describe this sound using one word”

    • “Create a drawing that reacts to this sound”

    • “Imagine an attainable physical object that relates to this sound”

  • Thank Contributors