got rid of tons of clutter today

by Caitlin Abadir-Mullally


The sound piece, “got rid of tons of clutter today” recontextualizes a found poem and retells its story in sound.

Each letter of the alphabet, a few common letter doubles and a handful of text symbols were allotted a sound collage. This created a total of forty five different sound pieces ranging from ten seconds to five minutes. The sound collages were strung together in words, then statements and finally the poem.

The sound piece is comprised of found sounds such as recordings of conversations, field recordings, and digital sounds taken from all over the web and parts of life. The tracks were spliced and mashed up. The different sounds create impossible environments.

The poem is the result of a conversation on a craigslist forum. The different lines are responses from different parties who lead different lives. The combination of their thoughts and reactions created the text.

The piece is three hours and nine minutes long.