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I am digging through my personal archive to make sense of my mixed identity as a McEgyptian Brat. Coptic Babe Coptic Dyke is heavily based in understanding the culture of Coptic Orthodox Egyptians and how value systems travel. I’m interested in what parts of a culture remain as immigrants are white-washed to fit the United States and my participation in that erasure.

Coptic Babe Coptic Dyke is specifically looking at my relationship with queerness and how there is a safety for queerness in whitewashing. It addresses codeswitching and the adaptability required for living in multiple identities: being coptic, being mixed, being a queer woman. The piece follows six different babes with evolving relationships with queerness and identity. The babes are as follows: Professional Babe (Caitlin), Reckless Babe (KT), Confused Babe (Abadir), Sad Babe (Katie), Secret Babe (Sophia) and Angry Babe (Mullally).


Coptic Babe Coptic Dyke takes form as series of text-heavy charts, maps, prints, letters, installation and video. Coptic Babe Coptic Dyke is a flexible and forming project.

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How Egyptian is Egyptian

An homage to Laura Aguilar

Coptic Babe Coptic Dyke

December 2nd - December 8th 2018

Thesis Exhibition, California Institute of the Arts, Santa Clarita, CA

Mark for Redaction

October 11th - November 11th 2018

Flux Factory, Long Island City, New York City